Working with Medical Care Professionals for Reliable Transport in Arizona

August 23 2021

Medical Care Professionals Trust HealthLift

For patients who need regular rides to and from their medical appointments, safe and reliable transportation is of utmost importance. This is why medical care professionals in Arizona choose HealthLift when coordinating non-emergency medical transportation for their patients. 

Whether standard, electric, or bariatric, our vehicles were built to fit all kinds of wheelchairs comfortably.

Medical Transportation in Phoenix and Tucson

HealthLift is dedicated to providing our partners and passengers with the best transportation experience possible. Whether up for a hospital discharge, or going in for a medical appointment, we understand the challenges that come with arranging medical transportation and take complete care to meet every patient’s individual needs.

We pride ourselves in providing the most reliable transportation and accessible transportation in Arizona. Our team is trained and certified to execute standard protocol and procedures. Our vehicles are equipped to accommodate various mobility aids, as well as short and long distances. 

We have the industry’s leading, high quality stretchers which can accommodate both standard and bariatric-sized passengers. Read more here.

Our vehicles are equipped with heavy-duty wheelchair lifts and can fit wheelchairs that are up to 34 inches wide. Find out more about this here.

Out-of-state appointments can be met without any worries since our vehicles are fitted with all the necessary equipment in order to make long-distance travel safe and comfortable.

Transportation Solutions With HealthLift

HealthLift makes it easy for both patients and medical care professionals to arrange non-emergency medical transportation. Arizonans turn to HealthLift NEMT of AZ when they need reliable transportation, whether to regular doctor’s appointments, for hospital discharges, or casual rides.

We work closely with medical care professionals, from pickup to drop off, in handling non-emergency medical transportation with proper care and attention. Booking a ride with us is clear, quick, and easy through our online booking system and communicating with our drivers throughout the process is a sure given.

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When it comes to safety, reliability, and expert care, your best bet for non-emergency medical transportation in Arizona is with us.

We’re passionate about providing excellent service to the people that need it most and want to continue to work with medical care professionals in order to achieve that.

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