Guide for Wheelchair-Friendly Transportation in Metro Phoenix & Tucson Area

Comfortable Rides for Phoenix and Tucson Residents

While there are a few wheelchair-friendly options for transportation around Phoenix and Tucson, public transportation for the most part is unreliable. The greatest resource individuals with mobility issues and disabilities can benefit from is a professional transportation company designed for catering to wheelchair and stretcher needs.

Where do Wheelchair Users Need to Go?

  • Medical Appointments

Wheelchair users might have regular health needs that they need to meet. It’s important that they don’t miss any appointments, especially if they frequently have to see a specialist. Transportation should work for people utilizing wheelchairs in Arizona so that they won’t have to miss a single visit.

  • Getting Groceries

People in wheelchairs get a greater sense of independence when they can simply order a ride and go to the grocery store on their own. No need to hassle friends and family for a ride anymore!

  • Entertainment

Using a wheelchair doesn’t exclude you from the desire to get out and have some fun. Having the freedom to go to the movies, a friend’s house, or any destination any time you want can make all the difference. Accessible Activities in Phoenix >>

  • Airport

Taking a vacation or visiting family out of town (or even the country) can be overwhelming. Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation to PHX Sky Harbor or TUS Tucson International Airport doesn’t have to be.  

Who Do We Service?

HealthLift NEMT of AZ makes it easy to book accessible rides in both Phoenix and Tucson. HealthLift vehicles are equipped with heavy-duty lifts in newer-model, accessible vans accommodating standard, oversized, bariatric, and motorized wheelchairs. Heavy duty stretchers and wheelchairs are available for use. 

Partnering to Serve Our Community Needs

  • Events
  • Business
  • Airport

Ride With HealthLift Today

HealthLift NEMT of AZ is built on safety and customer service, with our full commitment to enhancing the transportation experience of people with physical disabilities and people utilizing wheelchairs in Arizona. You can trust HealthLift for an enjoyable transportation experience in Metro Phoenix and Tucson.

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