How NEMT Helps Wheelchair Users Get to Their Dialysis Treatments

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for Dialysis Patients

Medical patients need to meet their regular health requirements, such as dialysis treatments among others. There are times when those utilizing wheelchairs need to get to their appointments, but have no way of getting there. Fortunately, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a convenient and readily available option for patients so they can get to where they need to be.

Never Miss A Dialysis Treatment

Patients with chronic kidney issues are in need of regular dialysis treatments. Private NEMT services, like HealthLift NEMT of Arizona, provide a resource for these patients to easily manage their transportation needs. With HealthLift’s Online Booking Tool, patients or their loved ones & providers can easily book and pay for rides ahead of time, even months in advance.

Stretcher-Accessible Transport

For patients bound to their bed, NEMT services include stretcher-friendly transportation options accompanied by staff who are trained to be able to properly assist patients to get from their beds to stretchers, and then on and off the vehicles. Stretchers are also available for use for passengers with HealthLift

HealthLift Provides Comfortable Transportation and Trained Staff

At HealthLift, we make sure that our drivers and staff are suitably trained to assist dialysis patients in getting to their scheduled medical appointments. Drivers are competently prepared and certified to assist patients in wheelchairs as well as those who require stretchers. Oxygen is also available but must be administered by an accompanying caregiver.

Transportation for Long-Distance Appointments

Do you need to travel out-of-state for your treatment but can’t fly? HealthLift also serves patients who have appointments outside of Arizona with wheelchair-friendly long-distance transportation. So even though you may need to go out of state, HealthLift can make that a safe and comfortable journey.

Book a Ride With HealthLift

For you or your loved one’s transportation needs, HealthLift is here to serve, wherever you may be in Arizona and wherever your destination is. You can rely on HealthLift for safe and comfortable wheelchair accessible transportation to and from dialysis treatments, providing only the best experience for patients using wheelchairs or in need of stretchers.

HealthLift is Arizona’s most trusted non-emergency medical transportation service.

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