Advantages of Private Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation (NEMT) Over Public Transportation

June 15 2021

Why Choose Non-Emergency Medical Transport Over Public Transport?

Public transportation has evolved throughout the years to accommodate wheelchair patients who need to get to their destination. It’s not the most convenient option out there, though, and when there’s simply no one to drive wheelchair users around, there’s always the option to book non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT)

So why should wheelchair patients pick private NEMT over public transportation?

1. Convenience

Public transportation usually has a timetable on when to arrive and depart. Oftentimes, there can be situations that delay the arrival of scheduled stops. There’s no denying that on-demand transportation (or having one scheduled beforehand) is more convenient for wheelchair users who need to get to regular visits or events on time.

2. Accessibility

While public transportation has made adjustments to better accommodate wheelchair users, there is no way to anticipate whether a bus will be full or serving other wheelchair users, leaving no room availability. NEMT providers are designed to cater to accessibility needs, to serve on-demand. There are also NEMT providers that accommodate patients in stretchers for those who need it.

3. Reliability

With Accessible NEMT, drivers are trained to better suit wheelchair users’ needs, with certifications and training focused on serving medical patients. NEMT drivers are able to safely assist patients that need a little extra help getting into their appointments.

4. Comfort

Though there are areas for wheelchair users on public transportation, it’s hard to beat the comfort of having a spacious vehicle all to yourself. There’s no need to contend with stuffy buses and trains when there’s a dedicated vehicle to take wheelchair users to their destination.

5. Independence

It’s easy for wheelchair users who live alone to simply call, book online or through an app, with a driver picking them up at their doorstep. There’s absolutely no need to go far to wait for a bus at a stop or head over to the nearest train station.

Overall, transportation is a much more fulfilling experience with NEMT rather than public transportation. They’re available 24/7 and will make sure that you get to your destination on time.

Reliable and Accessible Transportation With HealthLift NEMT of AZ

No need to put up with the hassles of public transportation when there’s HealthLift NEMT of Arizona. Our ADA-compliant vehicles provide passengers in a wheelchair the comfort and convenience that they need, along with helpful drivers who will help them on their way to their appointments, even those out of state. HealthLift is easily the most reliable NEMT in Arizona.

Wheelchairs & Stretchers Available for use. Oxygen is also available, must be administered by caregivers.

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