How to Manage Transportation for Family Members in Wheelchairs

Personal Transport Versus Hiring A Wheelchair Van Service


When it comes to family, there’s no doubt you would go the extra mile to make sure they’re safe and comfortable. This rings particularly true for those in our family using wheelchairs. The fact is, however, that we’re not always able to be there for them whenever they may need help. Reliable transportation is a primary concern in such cases, especially if regular appointments need to be met.

Why Manage Regular Transportation?

  • Regular health needs. It can be difficult for our loved ones to get to their appointments when there are limited to no appropriate options available to them. Missing an appointment should never be an option. Professional non-emergency transportation can certainly make meeting regular health needs a breeze.


  • Independence. It’s important for people using wheelchairs to feel the freedom that comes with being able to get around whenever you need to without having to rely on the people around you for help every time. It can be a fulfilling experience for anyone, regardless of purpose or destination. For people using wheelchairs, booking wheelchair vans provides a sense of independence.

How to Manage Transportation?

  1. Hire a Caregiver – Professional caregivers are often equipped with vehicles that they are able to use to transport their patients when necessary. The downside, however, is that they may not always be available.
  2. Book a Taxi – It’s now easier than ever to book a ride on a website or mobile app, whether for your loved ones or yourself. In terms of accessibility, however, booking a regular taxi poses an issue for people who require additional assistance and special equipment.

  1. Book Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) – This type of transportation ensures accessibility, comfort, and safety for people using wheelchairs. Drivers are properly trained and would be able to properly handle the needs of your loved ones who require special attention.

In order to properly and conveniently manage regular rides for your loved ones, booking non-emergency medical transportation is your best bet.

Medical transportation such as wheelchair vans are accessible and available for any purpose and destination of your choice, be it an important appointment such as dialysis treatments or simply navigating the local area.

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