Five Ways to Make a Home Accessible to Wheelchair Patients

From Rearranging Furniture to Booking a Handicap-Accessible Van

How do you make your home more wheelchair-friendly for yourself or a loved one that is utilizing a wheelchair for mobility? It will take some effort but it’s well worth it for the added convenience and comfort. Learn about how homeowners can improve the day-to-day accessibility of their dwellings.

1. Install a Wheelchair Ramp

Many homes have small steps which can be an inconvenience and hazard for many wheelchair users. It’s recommended to install wheelchair ramps for any steps to enter or exit the home so that mobility aid users can more easily get in and out of the house independently. There are great portable ramps available that can simply be put away when not in use.

2. Install a Stairlift

Although this is a pricier option, a stairlift that carries individuals up and down flights of stairs can make all the difference. Stairlifts come in different styles, with the aim of getting individuals up and down the stairs in the safest, quickest, and easiest manner possible, considering both patients and caregivers.

3. Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be hazardous to wheelchair users, with surfaces that may prove to be a risk. Solutions such as accessible tubs for wheelchair users allow your loved ones to enter the bathtub with ease. Handheld showerheads also make bathing more convenient. If they need to use the toilet, grab bars also help with balance when transfering.

4. Change Door Knobs

Many door knob designs are hard to use for wheelchair users. It’s a good idea to replace conventional door knobs with push-pull bars or press lever handles. If you’re looking for a more accessible option, then you can also replace the doors themselves with automatic doors, or add a remote controlled door opening mechanism that will open more easily for wheelchair users going from room to room.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

Do your pieces of furniture allow you or your loved ones to get around the space? If not, then the solution is to simply arrange them in a way that passageways are wide enough to allow access to the entirety of the house. If you have family members utilizing a wheelchair, you may also want to place objects that they regularly use in a location that is easy to grab from their wheelchair, like lower areas of shelves, tables and counters.

Make life easier for you or your loved ones who use a wheelchair by simply clearing wider paths or going the extra mile by making renovations for accessibility. Grant a greater sense of comfort, convenience, and independence.

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