Wheelchair-Accessible Ride Costs in Arizona

April 20 2022

Wheelchair-Accessible Arizona

There’s a lot of uncertainty about how much travel and transportation costs are going to be these days especially for those with accessibility needs.

What’s more is that some have shut themselves in because they’re unaware that reliable and affordable accessible transportation like HealthLift is available.

The Cost of Inaccessible Transportation

When it comes to it, transportation that does not consider accessibility often has hidden costs that are unfair to the person with disabilities.

A rideshare company was recently taken to court in some states for charging “waiting fees” that were more if they were wheelchair users.

Another challenge of traditional transportation is that they’re not prepared for medical conditions nor having the facilities or specifications of the vehicle fit for wheelchair access for example.

Affordable, Accessible, Available

Whether you’re a concerned family member, caregiver, or medical case manager or even the individual in need of a ride around, it’s a good idea to book with a transportation service that won’t skim you off in wheelchair ride costs

That is to say a specialized wheelchair service is a better fit not just in terms of direct costs but also in ease of travel and experience.

Where do you find such a service? HealthLift does just that with highly trained and certified drivers that provide extra assistance as needed and with regularly serviced and maintained ADA-compliant vehicles.

Arizona’s Most Trusted NEMT

HealthLift offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services, which isn’t just for medical appointments but also for regular trips around town. An NEMT ride is just as good, if not better, for navigating through Arizona’s amazing scene with the benefit of everything being better prepared for medical conditions.

That means you can get a wheelchair-friendly ride to get you to the grocery store or to go on a family trip without the hassle or stress of untrained drivers or incompatible vehicles.

HealthLift’s NEMT services include long-distance trips even if it goes out of state! This helps those who are unable to fly to important appointments for example.

HealthLift NEMT of Arizona makes it easier with online booking and tracking as well as providing 24/7 service to those signed up. Save up on wheelchair ride costs, and ride in comfort and dignity. Sign up with HealthLift today!

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