What Are Your Options for Accessible Transportation in Phoenix, AZ?

A Look Into Phoenix’s Wheelchair-Friendly Rides

Phoenix, AZ has grown to be a fairly accessible city to live in, with resources and programs put in place to aid the senior community and people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

We take a closer look into the city’s accessible transportation options and how well they provide for individual needs.

Is Public Transportation Advisable?

Though public transportation in Phoenix has since improved over the years when it comes to wheelchair accessibility, it’s still not the most convenient option for most that want more ease and flexibility in booking options. Using public transportation is unpredictable when it comes to being on time for appointments.

Why Accessible Transportation?

Our loved ones may not always be available to drive us to where we need to be. And for those with special mobility needs, wheelchair-accessible transportation services are an important resource to help them get to their regular medical appointments (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) or even for leisure to explore the Metro’s many sites and activities. These modes of transport should meet standards for wheelchair users, compliant with federal regulations.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

For more specialized rides that cater to passengers’ specific needs and comforts, it’s better to book non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). NEMT is different from ambulance rides which are primarily for emergencies and usually take you straight to hospitals or trauma centers. With NEMT, people using mobility aids are able to get transportation in ADA-compliant vehicles along with extra assistance from certified drivers.

Reserve Accessible Transportation With HealthLift NEMT of AZ

HealthLift NEMT of AZ puts safety first and helps wheelchair users safely arrive at their destination on time, so that they don’t miss their regular appointments. Passengers gain more independence since HealthLift offers online booking and tracking of multiple rides in the Metro Phoenix area, Tucson, or even outside of Arizona for out-of-state appointments. Arizona trusts HealthLift to get seniors and people using mobility aids where they need to go.

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