Injury Recovery: Accessible Transportation When You Need to Get Around

March 22 2022

Getting You on the Road to Recovery


Sometimes, accidents happen. For the most part, we get lucky enough to get away with a few scrapes and bruises. But for those who end up with injuries serious enough to have to use a wheelchair or mobility aid to get around, the road to recovery may be a long and difficult one.

Fortunately for the residents of Metro Phoenix and Tucson, they have HealthLift to provide them the safest and most professional rides to regular appointments and, more importantly, to make life a lot easier.

But why HealthLift over other local transportation options?

Public Transportation

Metro transit systems have recently allowed for more accessibility services to those in wheelchairs, but they still pose quite the problem, considering how hectic and crowded they can essentially get. While some are used to taking public transportation, there are plenty of those who are injured who may have difficulties getting around.

What’s more, you simply don’t have much control over the schedule of these trips. This can be increasingly frustrating when it comes to appointments you have to attend on time.

And when it comes to public taxis, most of them just aren’t fully equipped to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs.

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Personal Transportation

Having someone to drive you around or a vehicle to drive yourself sounds like a good idea. But this just isn’t always the case. Friends and family members may also not be available round the clock to drive.

HealthLift grants patients a sense of freedom and independence, providing them the ability to easily book rides themselves and get them to where they need to be at their leisure.

Ambulatory Transportation

Ambulance rides are expensive and are mostly meant for emergencies. If you simply want to go out for leisure’s sake or to go about your daily life outside, ambulances are definitely not an option — definitely not something you’ll want to deal with, considering the medical bills that tend to pile up.

HealthLift’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

HealthLift NEMT of AZ provides safe and accessible rides all over Metro Phoenix and Tucson. Whenever you get injured, there’s no need to worry about how you can get a ride to treatments as we are here to help you with a premium transportation experience.

Got an appointment out of state but can’t fly? We’ve got you covered with our long-distance transportation services.

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