How Do You Transport Wheelchairs Safely & Effectively?

How Do You Transport Wheelchairs Safely and Effectively?

Wheelchairs are essential for an array of people with disabilities, and they can be a pain to get them from one place to another, on any form of transport. It’s necessary to ensure that wheelchairs are transported the safe and effective way. 

Methods of Transporting Wheelchairs

It can be tricky, finding the best way to travel with a wheelchair, and it’s no surprise that many would run into some problems doing so. You actually have a few options at your disposal whenever you’re looking at options to store a wheelchair for transportation.

First, you can fold the wheelchair and keep it in the trunk or cargo area of your personal vehicle. The downside is that storing and taking it out may take a good amount of time, and can be physically taxing on the individual doing the loading/unloading. You will also need to consider the amount of space it will take, and what additional items or passengers will need to fit.

Another solution would be to purchase a Wheelchair Rack

  • Bumper Mount Rack attaches to the back of your vehicle and is similar to a bike rack, allowing the attachment of the wheelchair onto the back of your car. Holes may need to be drilled into the bumper for installation.
  • Hitch Mount Rack tilts down when the wheelchair is loaded and then moves back into position and locks so that it is safe when driving and in motion. Installed via vehicle hitch.

Motorized lifts are costly, but may be a good option for individuals that do not have assistance readily available. Electrically-powered wheelchair may require drilling into the trunk or storage space of the vehicle, or wiring the unit directly to the car battery. 

Finally, you can use Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Services. Dependable drivers & vehicles equipped with all of your wheelchair needs make transportation a breeze. 

Make sure to use a company, like HealthLift NEMT of AZ, that has well-maintained, fully insured, ADA Compliant Vehicles. HealthLift Drivers are trained and certified to serve the wheelchair using community (Specially Trained, CPR Certified, Defensive Driving Certified, Hospice Sensitivity Certified, PASS Certified, Drug Tested and Background Checked). HealthLift NEMT of Arizona has online booking & tracking for their newer-model, ADA Compliant Vans.

Traveling By Plane

Check with airline regulations to know how you’re supposed to go about transporting your specific wheelchair on a plane, as the process may differ for different airlines.

Typically, your wheelchair can be checked at the ticket counter and/or gate, be sure to address any removable parts. Airlines & airports can then supply you with a loaner wheelchair to use as your personal chair is stowed. Helpful suggestion: having written instructions about various items on your device will assist airport personnel as they load and unload it.

Getting to the airport can be simple if you work with the right company. HealthLift NEMT of AZ is trusted in the transportation or wheelchairs utilizing top-of-the-line vehicles equipped with hoists for standard, oversized, or bariatric manual & electric wheelchairs, as well as stretchers. If passenger is unable to fly, and transportation is needed long distance, even out-of-state, HealthLift NEMT of AZ will get you where you need to go.

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