Easiest Way to Book Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Arizona

February 09 2023

Arizona’s Safest and Most Reliable Medical Transportation


In a 2021 American Community Survey, around 13.6% of Arizonans have disabilities. Ambulatory disability, also described as having difficulty walking and climbing stairs, is commonly reported at 6.8%.

Getting around for everyday needs, leisure, and medical appointments can be next to impossible for these Arizonans. For instance, public transits, taxis, and ride-share services lack the accessibility necessary for those utilizing mobility devices. Similarly, the cars of friends and families (who mean well) might not be spacious enough.

Booking a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT is always your best option. It makes getting around easier and safer for those who utilize a wheelchair, stretcher, or other mobility devices.

HealthLift NEMT, Wheelchair, and Disability Transport Services Arizona

What is NEMT?

NEMT includes medical transportation and other ride services for non-emergency situations which do not require an ambulance.

Depending on your needs, NEMT vehicles come with special equipment such as wheelchairs and stretchers to ensure safety and convenience while traveling to your destination.

Accessibility and convenience have never been so easy!

HealthLift’s fleet of ADA-compliant vehicles is well-equipped for wheelchairs (up to 34” wide), stretchers, and bariatric transportation. We cater to all types of accessible transportation needs within the State and even out of town!

Whether it’s for medical transportation or any other occasion, HealthLift’s got your back. We provide wheelchairs and stretchers upon request. We also have in-vehicle oxygen supply to be administered by a caregiver as needed. It’s our goal to provide you with the best quality services whether getting around town or for long-distance medical transportation.

Certified drivers at HealthLift are also specially trained. They are certified in CPR, defensive driving, hospice sensitivity, and PASS. In addition, they go through drug tests and background checks for your safety.

Easy Modes of Booking

Phone Call

If you are booking transportation that is due within 24 hours, call HealthLift’s 24/7 Phoenix or Tucson hotline numbers to ensure availability.

Sign Up with HealthLift Today

When booking recurring appointments, our online booking system is the way to go. Just fill in your details and with just a few clicks, you can book future rides with ease.

After signing up, you can use your login info to start booking and tracking your ride reservations.

Sign Up to Book and Track Accessible Rides Online

Once you have a HealthLift account, our simple and efficient Book and Track system enable you to:

  • Choose the date and time of pickup
  • Specify details of your needs
  • Track the driver’s location and time of arrival
  • Contact the driver
  • Review and edit upcoming reservations
  • Schedule multiple rides

The Book and Track tool not only makes life easier for individuals needing accessible transportation — their families and healthcare providers can also utilize the same tool to book and track transportation on their way to treatment.

Accessibility has become a whole lot easier with HealthLift. Plus, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant ambulance costs while still being able to access your customized transportation needs.

To get a ride cost estimate, all you need to do is fill out your information and get a FREE Quote for your next ride!