Arizona’s Trusted Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Arizona’s Trusted Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Making Healthcare Transportation Easily Accessible

In a study published in 2017, it was found that more than 3 million American adults are unable to access healthcare because of transportation hurdles. This is partly because a lot of on-call vehicles like taxis and ride-sharing cars do not have the necessary accessibility equipment. People who need wheelchairs, and people who need to be on stretchers while being transported, bear the brunt of this problem. This puts them at risk of getting delayed medical attention, or none at all. HealthLift solves this problem for Arizonans. Serving Phoenix & Tucson, we are dedicated to providing quality non-emergency transportation services.

Wheelchair Transportation

Whether you have a wheelchair or motorized scooter, HealthLift vehicles are equipped to accommodate your transportation needs. We also cater to
bariatric wheelchairs & scooters. Our newer model, top-of-the-line vehicles are driven by CPR Certified, Hospice Sensitivity Certified & PASS Certified drivers.

Standard or Bariatric Wheelchairs can be provided. Oxygen is also provided if necessary, but must be administered by a caregiver.

Stretcher Transportation 

HealthLift provides transportation for patients who need
stretchers or gurneys. We are well-equipped to serve both standard and bariatric stretcher patients. Our vehicles also have oxygen supply, but keep in mind that this must be administered by a caregiver. We travel any distance, and even take customers out of state, if necessary. 

We have standard & bariatric stretchers that can be provided for customer needs.

Bariatric Transportation

It is our policy to accommodate different patients’ needs. We are ready to serve bariatric patients on any occasion. Our vehicles have heavy-duty wheelchair hoists that can lift any wheelchair, from standard, oversized, bariatric, or electric. Our Bariatric Wheelchairs & Stretchers can be provided with HealthLift ride.

Long Distance Transportation

Because we understand that some patients are unable to fly to get out of state, we offer handicapped-accessible,
long-distance transportation. Because our drivers are specially trained to serve patients, you can put yourself at ease during the long ride. Standard & bariatric wheelchairs and stretchers are also available for use, if needed.

HealthLift values the safety and comfort of our passengers. With decades of experience, we are committed to providing top-notch non-emergency transportation services to all kinds of patients. 

Sign Up for a HealthLift Account

Booking non-emergency transportation services has never been easier. In order to access online booking and tracking, you must have a HealthLift account. Signing up for a HealthLift account is easy. Call (602) 298-1818 or fill-out our sign up form, and we’ll get in touch to assist you with HealthLift’s online booking features.

HealthLift’s new A.D.A. compliant vehicles are equipped with bariatric and standard wheelchairs and stretchers. Learn more about our services here: