Recurring Transportation Needs for Individuals Using Wheelchairs in the Phoenix & Tucson Area

June 10 2022

Whether you live in Phoenix or Tucson, transportation is an aspect of our lives that can greatly impact our health outcomes. How does transportation impact our health? One way it does is when the lack or difficulty of getting transportation makes you miss medical appointments.

Sometimes, it feels like common sense when we think about it, but it’s not always in everybody’s radar. But missing a medical appointment can have a knock-on effect in that you don’t get timely health interventions when needed.

A barrier to better healthcare access could take the form of inaccessible transportation. When transportation does not accommodate the passenger, it can deter or disincentivize them to go to where they need to be.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NEMT is emerging to fill in the gaps in accessible transportation. HealthLift NEMT drivers are trained to accommodate seniors and people with disabilities as well as the vehicles having ramps, stretchers, and even oxygen.

Understanding an Overlooked Need in Phoenix & Tucson

When it comes to the Metro Phoenix and Tucson areas, accessibility needs can be serviced by personalized rides like those provided by HealthLift.

At this day and age, no one should be missing their medical visits by any means, especially for important procedures, testing, and regular checkups.

But more than that, HealthLift also provides their services where there’s little to no option for many seniors or people with disabilities as HealthLift provides long distance transportation for out-of-state appointments.

Seniors & People with Disabilities

Transportation barriers for our older loved ones and for people with disabilities can come in the form of not being able to drive themselves when they want to be. But like anybody or everybody else, they want to live independently.

Getting around without having to ask for help from loved ones is a valid desire. You might remember that you wanted to get something in the grocery store or that something urgent came up but then no friends or family is free to drive you.

Sometimes, it’s not about urgent affairs, but just that sense of freedom that you want to preserve or regain.

There’s also the social dimension to it. We want to go out and meet with friends and family or go out to watch sports events live and feel the electricity in the air. And getting transportation that’s accessible helps with that.

Medical Management in Phoenix & Tucson

On the hospital side of things, delays in the discharge of patients can be costly and cause even more challenges. Patient satisfaction as well can take a hit when patients are made to wait longer than they have to.

HealthLift provides local medical offices and clinics the ability to book & track rides for their patients, especially for non-emergency appointments and regular check-ups and testing.

Getting to Regular Appointments

Whether you’re a senior or a person living with disabilities or a hospital, it makes sense to get a transportation service that accommodates all your needs.

When you sign up for a HealthLift account, you can book rides ahead of time. This is especially useful for when you need to get to recurring doctor’s visits or even for preparing for family gatherings and more. Sign up with HealthLift and book a ride today!

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