Arizona Airport Travel Tips for People Using Wheelchairs

December 07 2021

Travel With Ease through Arizona’s Major Airports

With the holidays and the colder weather getting everyone in a vacation mood, it’s safe to expect a lot of traffic and people flooding towards the airports to catch their flights. Flying out can definitely be a challenge and, at times, intimidating, especially for people in wheelchairs or those with accessibility needs.

What to Expect

During the winter, Arizona’s major airports will definitely be packed. Visitors come from all over, especially from the northern states, to check out what the Grand Canyon State has to offer in the winter. Even the locals will be getting in on the vacation action, flying to dream destinations to spend some quality time with loved ones or to simply escape what possibly was an incredibly cooped up year.

In this case, it’s a good idea to be early and to expect crowds in gates and establishments within the airport. Booking a reliable wheelchair-friendly ride service in advance makes things a whole lot easier and hassle-free.

Phoenix Sky Harbor

One of the country’s busiest airports, Phoenix Sky Harbor has plenty to offer when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. There are accessible restrooms with large stalls with each terminal having at least one family restroom with caregiver access. There are also stores that provide medical supplies for traveling patients to make Arizona airport travel a lot less stressful.

Sky Harbor also has an Airport Sensory Room for children or adults to visit for a respite from the sensory-overload that they might experience when coming to the airport. It’s located inside the airport chapel, pre-security near the B Checkpoint in Terminal 4. Learn More >>

Tucson International Airport

Just like PHX, Tucson International Airport has plenty of wheelchair-accessible facilities whenever you’re traveling with or as a person using a wheelchair.

There are large restrooms with grab bars including spacious family restrooms. Wheelchair services are also available, with the airline providing assistance. People can also take advantage of the moving walkways to get them to their gates with more convenience. Learn More >>

Transportation to the Airport

As you need to be a little early to weather the airport crowd, it’s a great idea to book transportation in advance. Wheelchair-accessible rides are available around Arizona and will take you to and from the airports.

Start Your Trip Right With HealthLift

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