Arizona Medical Transportation

Patients and medical establishments trust HealthLift NEMT of AZ. Whether you’re heading to a medical appointment or getting discharged from the hospital, we can get you to your destination safely. Our vehicles are well-equipped for your wheelchair, stretcher, or bariatric transportation needs.
  • Long-distance travel
  • Senior or assisted living
  • Discharge planning

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Newer Model Vehicles

HealthLift has a fleet of late model, top-of-the-line, well equipped, dual use vans, with heavy duty wheelchair hoists that can accommodate standard, oversized, bariatric or electric wheelchairs. The vehicles are also equipped with the industry’s leading, high quality stretchers that can accommodate both standard and bariatric passengers.

Drivers Perform at High Standards

HealthLift NEMT of AZ Drivers must complete Drug Screening: pre-employment, random, incident, accident. They are also Specially Trained, CPR Certified, Defensive Driving Certified, Hospice Sensitivity Certified, PASS Certified, Drug Tested and Background Checked.

Accommodating to All Patients

HealthLift Vehicles cater to Standard, Bariatric, Electric Wheelchairs & Scooters.

We Are Always Improving

We appreciate and encourage our customers to provide feedback, whether good or bad, to help us grow and provide the best transportation for the wheelchair community.

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